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Raul Gonzalez Blanco

Spain and Real Madrid's NO.7

The Community for Fans of Raul the Footballer!
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R a u l  F a n s

This community was set up to accomodate the existing Raúl Gonzalez Fans (we know you're somewhere out there lurking) on LJ. He is on the way to becoming one of Real Madrid CF's greatest players, having won UEFA Champions League Best Striker™ twice. Raúl is also the All Time Top Scorer in the history of the Spanish National Team.

Raul is a star of World Football, his name is synonymous with both club and country and he is the pride of Spain as well as Real Madrid CF. His fighting spirit combined with his class makes him one of the most likeable players today!.

Please, post pictures (Daily SPAM), media, videos and of course, most importantly, NEWS you have on our favorite striker!.

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Put it on the forums you go to as a signature, your userinfo page.etc and LINK IT to us!. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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RaulFans is a division of realmadridfans. We are affiliated to kaka_fans, morientesfans (hell yeah!), spain_de_futbol, cesc_fabregas18, forzaviola, spanishboys milan_icontest as well as brasilfans.